Get a smart app solution to communicate better with your customers and increase profits.

Business Enews is flexible, has the power of grouped app alerts and optional email marketing without the complexity of comments and HTML layouts.

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Features Overview

Business Enews is a native app solution that works across all major app platforms.

Send out UNLIMITED targeted and relevant news, documents, photos, videos, reminders etc!

Designed with the CUSTOMER in mind. Easy to use without another username and password to remember.

Grouped Push Alerts

Push alerts or push notifications are similar to an SMS without the cost per message or 160 character limitation. Grouped push alerts allow customers to select only the groups that are important to them.

Your Own App

A custom app just for your business. Professional design and development to match your branding and philosophy.

Email & Web Add-on

Business Enews is more than just an app solution. It's a full communicaiton solution that saves you admin time and effort by communicating with customers using their preferred channel.

Custom Sections

For ultimate flexibility, customise your app with different sections or groups. Press to call features, events and custom information pages! Fill up your app with whatever information you want.

Cloud Based

Share the responsibility of sending news and messages with multiple members or co-workers without having to manually manage lists and share details - work from a single system in the cloud.

Automation Saves Time

In a single step you will send via app, push alert, email and update your website. Login from any mobile device to send out news and information.

Go beyond just email marketing! Communication today isn't just about email.

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Business Enews

Business Enews App

Download the free Business Enews app which is used by different businesses:
Business Enews iOS AppBusiness Enews Android AppBusiness Enews Windows App

Custom App (optional)

You can also order your very own custom designed app. A custom app includes custom app icon, app name and app design. The other features of the custom app are the same as Business Enews. If you have multiple business locations or franchisees, then a custom app includes advanced features that will benefit you.

Business Enews vs Facebook

Unlike Facebook, Business Enews includes NO advertising and you don't have to pay to "Boost" your posts.

Business Enews includes ongoing SUPPORT and optional bulk email system.

Seperate App

Because Facebook is so popular with friends, most people miss your business / page news when they login or open the app. A seperate app means your news in front and centre.

Grouped Push Alerts

Push alerts are one of the most powerful features. However, most people turn off Facebook alerts so they aren't annoyed by friends throughout the day. A seperate app allows your parents to keep push alerts turned on. Grouped push alerts allow customers (shareholders and/or staff) to only receive alerts that are relevant to them.

Seperate Lists / Groups

Facebook Pages include only a single "Newsfeed". This doesn't allow you to split up your news and information to target different target groups based on relevance.

Pricing & Free Trial

Setup fees: Either $395 (Business Enews app) or $995 (custom app per business).

Yearly fees: From $100 to $975 (depends on features and support).

Fees are for small and medium businesses and include ongoing phone and email support, free app upgrades and unlimited sending. If you are a larger organisation, council or multinational, please call us to discuss your individual requirements. Multiple business locations / stores discount available.

Speak with a business consultant today on how we can improve your business through better relevant communication. Trial account setup takes only 24 hours.

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Development Services

Do you have multiple businesses with different names and locations? Or require custom features? Business Enews can build a custom app based on your exact requirements.

Leverage the existing Enews platform for your project - faster app development, more robust and more features for less cost.